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Looking For Delta 400 Ilford? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee Discover The Latest Outdoor Collection Now. Price Match Promise Guaranteed. Free Next Day Delivery Over £50. Specialist Outdoor Retailer For Over 40yrs Be sure to stick with one developer. Delta 400 is micro fine grained. As others have mentioned, I highly recommend Kodak XTOL for it. It's cheap and easy to find. I think it works as well or better than Ilford's DD-X liquid. Try XTOL undiluted for very fine grain

Ilford Delta 400 in Kodak D-76 1:1 by ryankennedyphoto; Ilford Delta 400 in Kodak D-76 1+1 by ktos.2; Ilford Delta 400 at 200 in Kodak D-76 1:1 by Fabrizio De Sanctis (citti) Ilford Delta 400 at 800 in Kodak D-76 1+1 by Myles Spandorf; Ilford Delta 400 in Kodak D-76 1+1 by .lugagliard Currently, I am shooting Ilford Delta 400 at box speed. Currently, I am shooting Ilford Delta 400 at box speed. And I only have D76 and Rodinal developer at hand. Browse other questions tagged film developing kodak ilford developer or ask your own question About 11:30 - 12:00 is what I use to process Delta 400. It does seem like a long time but the negatives come out very nice. Just do not forget Ilford's suggestion: 4 inversions (about 8-10 seconds agitation) immediately after putting in the chemicals and repeat every minute thereafter I have been using D76 at 1:3 almost exclusively on HP5+/Delta 400/TMax 400 over the years, but lately have attempted to develop FP4+ at 200iso, and at a D76 1:1 dilution for 12minutes at 24C. It worked fine, perhaps a little contrasty, but the day's lighting was high in dynamic ranges too, so I cannot give a definitive comment yet Ilford Delta 400 in Kodak HC-110 1+31. 7 minutes, 30 seconds at 20°C/68.0°F. HC110 dilutionB By stevetmorley on 27 March 2021. Ilford Delta 400 in Tetenal Ultrafin Liquid 1+20. 13 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F. Slow continous agitation By istvánsikari-nágl1 on 27 February 2021. Ilford.

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Price -35mm Kentmere 400 (vs Delta 400 and HP5) At the time of writing 35mm Kentmere 400 film costs £3.58 a roll in the UK. As a direct comparison 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus costs £4.54 a roll (25% more / ~£1.00 more each). Ilford also make their 35mm Ilford Delta 400 at £5.55 a roll (an additional +~£2.00 per roll). Ilford Delta is still cheap compared to the new Kodak TMax film prices (after. I always heard Ilford HP5 had less contrast than Kodak Tri-X 400, and that Ilford 3200 was meant to be shot at 1600, but I had no data to back these statements up. I wanted to test some of these differences for myself, so I am kicking off a series of film comparisons Film Developer Dilution ASA/ISO 35mm 120 Sheet Temp Notes; Adox CHM 125: D-76: stock: 50: 6.5: 20C: Adox CHM 125: D-76: 1+1: 50: 8: 20C: Adox CHM 125: D-76: 1+3: 50. I'm on the verge of ordering a pack of D76 right now to give it a try, my most commonly used films are Kodak T-Max 100 & 400, Ilford FP4, Delta Pro 100 & 400 Ilford actually recommend a stock ID11 for best overall image quality with FP4 Plus or Ilfosol-S liquid.....I am keen to try T-Max developer Thanks again, And Film Developer Dilution ASA/ISO 35mm 120 Sheet Temp Notes; Kodak Tri-X 400: D-76: 1+1: 50: 7: 7: 20C: Kodak Tri-X 400: D-76: 1+3: 100: 13: 13: 20C: Kodak Tri-X 400: D.

Meus McIntoshi: So which do you think is better and why? I am coming to really dislike Delta 100 compared to FP4. I always get great results with this film and will not be using Delta anymore. Is FP4 more forgiving for development than Delta? I get mine developed at a lab and the Delta grain always comes out looking like an iso 400 film or more obtrusive and the image is flat looking Liknande produkter: Ilford FP5, FP4, eFKe 400, Fujifilm ARCOS, 400+, Kundtjänst: Kodak är grymmt cola och bra. De gör verkligen sitt yttersta för att hitta all information som man kan tänkas behöva om man frågar dem. Kodak sverige sätter en mycket högstandard för vad man kan vänta sig i support Ilford Delta 400 pushed to 1600 using D76 (stock) and Ilford Rapid Fixer during development As always I'd like to show the results of my experiment as well as the experience while on the streets in varying locations within New Jersey and New York Posts about d76 written by joe. Here's another from the same flight back to Hawaii. Mamiya 645. Ilford Delta 400

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These shots are from the final bout when I decided to try out a film I don't usually use very often - Ilford Delta 400. I pushed this roll to ISO 1600 because the light levels were low and I'm pleased with the results. [Tech info:] Nikon F80, Nikkor 24/2.8 lens, Ilford Delta 400 @ ISO 1600, developed in Ilford DDX 1+4. Pakon scans Delta 400, on the other hand, has a magnificent grain structure when shot at box speed. If you're the type of photographer that prefers a vintage look but who also demands exacting sharpness and sweeping tonality, then Delta 400 is worth the extra coin. Buy Ilford Delta 400 on eBay Buy Ilford Delta 400 from B&H Photo Buy Ilford Delta 400 on. FILM DEVELOPMENT TIMES FOR D76/FORMULA 76 DEVELOPER Ilford Delta 100 100 1:1 12.5 11.25 10.0 9.0 8.0 7.0 Ilford Delta 400 400 1:1 NR 15.5 14 12.75 11.5 9.5 Ilford Delta 3200 1600 Straight 11.75 10.5 9.5 8.5 7.75 6.5 Ilford Delta 3200 Kodak 400TriX Arista Premium 400 For me, Ilford Delta 400 was just that. What's so great about Ilford Delta 400? It's a sharp film with quite a bit of contrast. There's grain but not a whole lot of it. The blacks and nice and inky-which I haven't really totally seen with much of Kodak Tri-X that I've shot CONVERSION TABLE FOR KODAK BLACK AND WHITE FILM USERS WISHING TO FIND AN ILFORD EQUIVALENTS TO THEIR CURRENT KODAK FILM(S) Kodak Professional Film Description ILFORD Equivalent Available Format TRI-X 320/400TX ISO 320/400, wide exposure latitude, fast speed, can be pushed to EI 3200 HP5 PLUS 135-24. 135-36 35mm x 17m 35mm x 30.5m 120 rol

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  1. Delta 400 is a nice film too but it is also grainy although the I've used both and have a mild preference for HP5 over delta. I develop all my films using D76 1+1. I tend to find the grain I don't choose the cheapest, I'm not brand loyal, I just use the stuff I like, Ilford film with Kodak developer... Reactions: FujiLove and Jao
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  3. Question is if Ilford Delta is close enough to Tmax to work with DDX? If so then ISO 1000 to 1600 is normal, 3200 is one push, 6400 is a 2 stop push. On the other hand as I recall when Kodak discontinued Tmax 3200 the claim was made that Tmax 400 pushed so well that Tmax 3200 was not needed
  4. But I also used traditional silver-based B&W film from Kodak TMAX (100, 400, 3200) and Tri-X and various Ilford films. I photographed a nighttime college baseball game using TMAX 3200 and Delta 3200. I sandwiched the Ilford film between Kodak
  5. Canon AE-1 Program Canon QL17 GIII Cross Processed Fuji Acros Fuji Superia 400 Holga 135BC Holga 135C Ilford Delta Ilford Delta 100 Ilford Delta 400 Ilford FP4 Ilford HP5+ Ilford PanF Ilfor HP5+ ISO50-200 ISO100 ISO125 ISO160 ISO200 ISO400 ISO400-800 ISO400-1600 ISO400-3200 ISO800 ISO1600 ISO3200 Kodak D76 Kodak HC-110 Kodak Porta 160 Kodak TMAX 400 Kodak TMAX Developer Kodak Tri-X 400 Leica.
  6. D76 will make mashed potatoes from Delta grain, in turn that will lower the sharpness. Films like Delta or Tmax do not need fine grain developers, more important is preserving the grain structure. Use D76 at 1:3 ratio FilmDev | rbit9n's recipe | Ilford Delta 100 in Kodak D-76 1:
  7. This blog post is meant to act as a supplement to the video linked above where I compare Kodak TMAX 400 and Ilford Delta 400 Pro. The main purpose of this post is to include images so that you're able to better see the differences that I mentioned in the video. All images are as scanned and unedite

View images from this video here: https://www.HaiHoangTran.com/blog/2019/3/5/kodak-tmax-400-vs-ilford-delta-400-proKodak TMAX 400 https://amzn.to/2HeqRWeIlfo.. 03-feb-2016 - Fora de lugar (Ilford Delta 400 Professional developed with D76 1+1 Posts about ilford delta 400 written by joe. Here's another from the same flight back to Hawaii. Mamiya 645. Ilford Delta 400

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Ilford Delta 400 Review (120 Ilford Delta film) A mini article / Ilford Delta 400 review after shooting my few first rolls of Delta 400 film. These rolls of film had been kindly gifted to me by someone on Facebook (part of a larger film batch). It was expired Delta 400 film but I still love the results toggle navigation : MENU; Apps; Massive Dev Chart; Product Information; Articles & Test Reports; Formulas & Dat

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Artigos sobre Ilford Delta 400 escritos por Abel Pereira. Ir o contido. Birnbaum. Fotoblog B&W, Barco, Birnbaum, D76, Ilford Delta 400, Yashica Electro GSN Deixa un comentario en Fora de lugar Peixeira do mercado do Bolhão. Peixeira do mercado do Bolhão - Yashica Electro35 GSN - Kodak 400 T-Max - Developed with Fomadon R09 1+25 - Levels. Orwopan 400 = Ilford HP5+ Orwo roll films (120) are rebranded Forte films, so please consult the relevant Forte data for this format. If you have older stock of previous Orwo films then please use the times shown below (20°C)

Film developing with Kodak D-76, dilutions 1+1, 1+3, 1+5

Ilford Delta 400 is a tabular grain black and white negative, belonging to the Ilford Delta film series which also consists of Delta 100 and Delta 3200. Like its counterpart, the Kodak T-Max 400, it aims for giving high resolution while maintaining film speed. Unlike the Ilford HP5+, Delta 400 requires more attention on processin This is a battle of Titans! Ilford Hp5+ vs Delta 400! Who is going to win this combat between two heavy-weights from the Film world? Is it going to be the new guy, less grainy Delta 400? Or the. During week 34, Elmwood Cemetery held a special evening shoot for photographers. The cemetery has a wonderful mood at night. I shot with the Bronica ETRS and used Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford Delta 100. More week 34 at my Flickr page

FS Delta 100 400 Professional Delta 100 factsheet (Englisch) ILFORD DELTA 100: Light Sensitivity ISO 100/21°. The Delta line is Ilford's flagship film line. Core-Shell™ crystal technology results in excellent sharpness, very high resolution and very fine grain at higher sensitivities. Good negative characteristics Product Information. Ilford 400 Delta Professional is a fast, fine grain black and white film, ideal for pictorial and fine art photography. Prints made from 400 Delta Professional film exposed at ISO 400/2 7 have very fine grain and outstanding sharpness Although rated at ISO 400/27º, DELTA 400 Professional film can produce high quality prints when exposed at meter settings up to EI 3200/36 and given extended development in ILFORD ILFOTEC DD-X, ILFOTEC HC, MICROPHEN or ILFOTEC RT RAPID developers. DELTA 400 Professional 35mm film is coated on 0.125mm/5-mil acetate base and is available in 24 or 3 35mm @3200 agfa agfa precisa 100 Andernos apx100 argentique Bassin d'Arcachon Bordeaux Bronica ectl Bronica rf645 Bronica s2 cap ferret Chat couleur digital exposition multiples film Film périmé Foma 100 Fuji garonne graph hasselblad xpan Helios 44M-2 Ilford delta 3200 Ilford hp5 Kodak Kodak d76 Kodak gold 200 Kodak Tmax 400 lomographie Marseille medium format Minolta 17/35 f2.8/3.5 Minolta.


35mm @3200 agfa agfa precisa 100 Andernos apx100 argentique Bassin d'Arcachon Bordeaux Bronica ectl Bronica rf645 Bronica s2 cap ferret Chat couleur digital exposition multiples film Film périmé Foma 100 Fuji garonne graph hasselblad xpan Helios 44M-2 Ilford delta 3200 Ilford hp5 Kodak Kodak d76 Kodak gold 200 Kodak Tmax 400 lomographie. A step by step guide : How to develop black and white film. This is how I develop black and white film in 120 (medium format) and 35mm formats

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Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders for Your Photography Needs. Order Today Microphen is a popular speed increasing powder developer, best used when pushing fast films such as Hp5 plus, Delta 400 and Delta 3200. Ilford Perceptol A super fine grain, speed reducing powder developer. Very well suited to slow and medium speed films for very high quality. Also significantly reduces film grain in 400 speed films. Kodak D76 Strart from Ilford, after I had try Ilford Pan 100 once, I do prefer Delta 400 because 100 ISO is quite difficult for me and I love to take a photo in the morning, evening until night or Soft light condition. Two photos from Kodak Ultramax 400 Ilford 400 Delta pro.135/36 Köp. 79kr Ilford 400 Delta pro.135/36 10-pack Köp. 739kr Ilford FP-4 plus 135/36 50-pack Köp. 3.190kr Ilford FP4 plus 135-30,5 meter Kodak BW 400 CN 135/36 Köp. 159kr Kodak P3200 Tmax T-Max 3200 135-36 Köp. 149kr Kodak Svartvit Film T-Max 400 135-36 5-pack Köp I noticed that neither DigitalTruth or this blog has Ilford Delta 100 120 developed in Caffenol listed. I have experimented with an old roll of said film and it turned out great. It was developed with Caffenol C, stand development for 40 mins at 25C, agitation for the first minute

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I have developed some of them in Kodak HC-110 (B) before and resulted in low contrast. Some online forum suggested that using Kodak D76 developer is the perfect match! Eastman Double-X is mainly for movie making and the grain is much finer than Kodak Tri-X and I think the grain intensity is between Ilford HP5 and Delta 400 There is a technical way to approach this. I recreated the characteristic curves from Tri-X 400 and HP5+ from the website from Kodak and Ilford respectively, see image below. From the characteristic curves you can see that Tri-X will display more contrast in the highlights, where HP5+ will give more contrast in the shadows ILFORD Delta 400 Professional es una película de blanco y negro 400 ISO.Ofrece una nitidez excepcional y el grano más fino, gracias a la mejora en su emulsión con la tecnología Core-Shell.. Diseñada para producir imágenes con una profundidad y detalles extraordinarios, gracias a su velocidad la hace una película ideal para situaciones en las que la luminosidad de la escena sea reducida. I've tried many black and white films, and I have to say it's the best iso 400 film available now, even for portrait I like it, the grain is good, and it's still great pushed a t 800. If you need a reliable all purpose 400 film, look no further. Delta 400 is good too, but I've often been disappointed, probably because it's a bit touchy to process Un grand classique est pour les révélateur le Kodak D76 (ou l'Ilford ID 11 identique) en poudre. Il existe en sachets pour 1 litre de solution stock (qui peut-être utilisée tel quelle ou encore plus diluée) 400 et 1600, Delta 100, 400 et 3200, Across 100). Lavag

Kodak Portra 400 film 35mm 36exp Film Professionel 5 Pack soit le produit se compose de 10 sachets D76 1l, soit il y a une erreur de virgule et le prix de l'unité est de 6,15 !!!! En lire plus. ただ、ILFORDのDELTA 400ではけっこうな軟調(コントラストが弱い)となりましたので、ILFORD. Ilford Pan 400 is a budget stock produced by the England-based film manufacturer Harman Technology and distributed to and sold in selected markets further afield. Every film shop I've visited in Asia has had countless rolls sitting on their shelves, yet it seems to be officially unavailable in the UK and USA Der feinkörnige SW Film. 100ASA. 1 Mittelformatfilm Las películas de grano tabular (como Delta 400 que menciona) generalmente se benefician de una pizca de solvente en el revelador. Esto da la apariencia de un grano más fino y suaviza un poco los bordes ásperos. D76 / ID11 contiene sulfito, que funciona como disolvente FS Delta 100 400 Professional Delta 100 factsheet (Englisch) ILFORD DELTA 100: Empfindlichkeit ISO 100/21°. Die Delta Reihe ist Ilfords Flaggschiff. KODAK D76 zum Ansatz von 3780 ml. 12,31 EUR * FOTOIMPEX Weithals Laborflasche 1000 ml weiss. 2,50 EUR * ILFORD PAN F Rollfilm 120

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Ilford DELTA 400. Ilford FP4+ Ilford High-Speed Infrared Film / HIE. Ilford HP5. Ilford HP5+ Ilford Ortho Plus 80. Ilford P4 400. Ilford PAN 100. Ilford PAN 400. Ilford PAN F+. Kodak T-MAX 400. Kodak Technical Pan. Kodak TRI-X 320. Kodak TRI-X 400. Kodak Ultra Max 400. Kodak Ultra Max 400. Kodak Verichrome Pan. Kodak VISION3. KONO! REKORDER. 5 Rolls Ilford Delta 400 has been added to your Cart Add a gift receipt for easy returns. New (4) from $38.86 + FREE Shipping. Share. VIDEOS 360° VIEW IMAGES 5 Rolls Ilford Delta 400 120 Film Kodak Portra 400 Professional ISO 400, 120 propack, Color Negative Film (5 Rolls per Pack 19 mai 2017: mise à jour et compléments films Rollei RPX 100 et 400, tables et documents pdf ; 10 octobre 2017: ajout fiche pdf Fuji Microfine et mise à jour des temps du film Neopan Acros 100; 29 novembre 2017: ajout fiche pdf Imago-320 et des temps de développement de ce nouveau film In Kodak D76 zeigt sich das typische HP5-Foto mit hohem Kontrast und ausgeprägtem Korn. Der Film lässt sich allerdings auch ganz ausgezeichnet in Perceptol entwickeln. Dadurch ergeben sich neben feineren Grauwerten auch ein geringeres Korn. Im Kleinbild entwickele ich den Film daher meist in Perceptol nach Ilford-Vorgabe (1+1 für 18min) ILFORD DELTA 400 Professional - vysoce citlivý film, který dává vysokou rozlišovací schopnost a relativně jemné zrno i při zhoršených světelných podmínkách. Film, který je dodáván ve svitkovém i kinofilmovém provedení, vyniká velkou expoziční pružností a širokými možnostmi experimentů při zpracování

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白黒フィルム ilford delta 400-135-30.5m 長巻1箱 販売価格(税込): 14,800 円 ★かわうそ商店は送料無料 Montreal -Ricoh XR10 50mm f1.8 - Ilford Delta 400 -Kodak D76. 0 comments. share. save hide report. 60% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think!.

Left Pic: Ilford HP5 400 @ 3200 Right Pic: Ilford Delta 400 @ 3200. It doesn't seem to have as wide a tonal range as HP5. Shadows are black and it doesn't seem to hold up in lower lighting as other stocks I have tried so far. It did however hold up better than Kodak P3200 in the same subject settings The Freestyle Film Development Chart Choose a film and developer to see the developing times. These times are for a 68° F (20° C) developer bath

ILFORD DELTA 400: Empfindlichkeit ISO 400/27°. Die Delta Reihe ist Ilfords Flaggschiff. Core-Shell™ Kristalle sorgen für hervorragende Schärfe, sehr hohes Auflösungsvermögen und feinstes Korn bei hoher Empfindlichkeit. Gute Durchzeichnung der Negative. Der Delta 400 zeichnet sich durch eine bessere Auflösung, Schärfe und. Le Kodak D76 est le grand classic des photographes de voyage et des photoreporters. Ce produit est un bon compromis entre netteté des contours, respect de la gamme de gris, granulation fine et exploitation élevé de la sensibilité. Caractéristiques du révélateur en poudre pour films KODAK D76 1 litre : Type : Révélateu 1.0m members in the analog community. Film Photography subreddit. Ask anything about analog photography, share photos, discuss techniques, gear or Revelador KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX • J-86_ES-es 3 PROCESO MANUAL Proceso en tanque pequeño Tanque de 236,56 o 473,12 ml. Rollos Agite cada 30 segundos Czasy wywoływania Kodak Professional T-MAX 100 Czasy wywoływania Ilford FP4 PLUS Hollywood znów kręci na taśmie filmowej 35 mm Nowy ADOX HR-50 tylko w formacie 135 Czasy wywoływania Ilford HP 5 Plus Czasy wywoływania Fomapan 100 Czasy wywoływania Ilford Delta 400 Bankructwo czy restrukturyzacja Tetenalu

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Canon 50E / 40mm f2Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Test – Beyond
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