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  1. Winning hackathon solutions Named Dragonfly, the system attracts arthropods such as mosquitoes and identifies their species. As part of their hackathon presentation, the team created a model of a flytrap that uses blue light to attract... Leveraging internet of things technology, the system.
  2. g Hackathons 1. Share learning experiences Build an app or online platform which program
  3. 8. Combine various industries. If your audience has special interests, combining your hackathon with another type of event or field is a great way to stand out. For example, you can choose to make your event environmentally friendly and invite thought leaders to give keynotes alongside the competition
  4. You can help students study more and get better grades, another great Hackathon idea of many Hackathon ideas. 2. Health Sector: You can build apps for the Health Sector, that can facilitate health solutions. Build a Virtual Health Assistant

Stand-up comedy, short shows, and card games encourage everyone to come back together and take a more laid back approach to hackathon ideas. Prizes Worth Winning. Spending hours creating and executing a hackathon idea deserves the kind of reward that will make participants feel appreciated 13 New Hackathon Ideas of 2021 Hackathon Ideas in the field of Education: Smart tutor: Help user to improve Language, Suggest ideas and new words, Check Spell and Grammar and also suggest a solution. Make Learning Fun: Find Creative and fun way to engage kids more in learning

Hack for Good. Societal causes are wonderful ideas for hackathons because they identify genuine problems, so students are invested in developing solutions. Exercise. With the myriad of apps and tools for tracing heartrate and steps, point students in the direction of exercise. Health You can design something like that, it is a majo idea to solving cyber bulllying, it's a great Hackathon Idea. Environmental issues: Day in day out Contries in Africa and other parts of the world keep on facing enviorpmeyal issues, and if you can use Technology to solve this issue it will be a very good idea for the Hackathon event. Idea The hackathon ideas of 2018 were judged based on the following 5 parameters: Creativity - Bringing the wow factor to solve a problem. Usability - Usefulness of the product to solve a problem. Technicality - The technology used to create the solution Hackathon is more about learning than winning. You should shortlist hackathons which will improve the skills you are learning. How to form your Team. Often people team up with their close friends in all of their hackathons. You should start forming teams with people who can contribute with their skill set to the hackathon

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  1. The first requirement to win at a Hackathon is that your idea should be easy to understand. Can you explain your idea completely using a phrase? If you could do that, you have a great idea. Our idea was called Let's Find It and the single statement was Lost Something
  2. The main idea of the project is a mobile app to analyze purchases after scanning a receipt. The start-up has found a way to group items by categories, for example, food, clothes, etc. As the winning team HotSpot elaborates: Other similar programs cannot recognize receipts. Users have to add purchases by themselves
  3. Create a logo/cover image. This is usually overlooked but is necessary in most hackathon submission systems like Devpost. A good logo can sway the judges a great deal. Either decide on a single person who will present or give every member of your team even time
  4. Thus, when the hackathon offered the grand prize of prioritizing and implementing the winning idea, teams across the region jumped on it. From the 80+ ideas submitted, 12 teams were invited to the hackathon offsite at the Vietnam tech hub. The sophistication and potentially high impact of the ideas blew me away
  5. 8 Steps to Winning. I. Getting Started: Find Your Hackathon Mojo. II. Employ These Strategies to Be Part of the Best Team. III. Understanding the Judges Panel is Key. IV
  6. / 21+ Chatbot Hackathon Ideas - Winning Projects. February 11, 2021 · 21+ Chatbot Hackathon Ideas - Winning Projects. Bot Development. Organizing a hackathon is a way for software engineers, developers, and ethical hackers come together to collaborate and create innovative ideas with realistic solutions to every day problems

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Our community loves to pour through these winning solutions, understand the thought process of the winners, and incorporate that into their own hackathon framework. I am excited to bring forward the top three winning solutions and approaches from the LTFS Data Science FinHack 2 hackathon we conducted a few weeks ago Go for short breaks and who knows, you may even come back with the next big idea that could win the hackathon. 10) Invest time for the presentation. A good presentation is key to winning a hackathon. Don't wait till the end of the hackathon to prepare the presentation. Picture your perfect demo and work backward from there

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Winning ideas are recycled and daring ideas are ignored, at least by the judges. It's a common story. In fact, this is the steady-state of modern hackathon economics. It goes something like this: A hackathon usually begins with eager optimism. Cool workstations are propping up, people are mingling and teams are forming Pitch the hackathon and build excitement: The first step is to get everyone excited. Hype up the fact that you've got this project greenlit. Highlight well-known companies who use hackathons, and the kinds of tools they've produced. And merit might be its own reward, but you could even set up prizes for the winning ideas The Winning Pitch of EOS Hackathon London Awarded $100,000 - YouTube. The Winning Pitch of EOS Hackathon London Awarded $100,000. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If. Update: I have wrote a new post on how to come up with good, winning hackathon ideas.Check that out. Weekend of 7th-9th March 2014, I attended a hackathon called Prarambh (Hindi for The Beginning) at one of the most prestigious institutes named Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur or IIMU for short.. Let me start by acknowledging my mentor and good friend Gaurav Mantri for inviting me.

Hackathon ideas. So you're taking part in a challenge that is focused on use of AI in everyday life. What will you come up with? You can bet most participants will try to focus on comfort of life, because that's how AI is advertised to the general consumers Hackathon (noun): a 1-to-3 day gathering of sleepless developers, fueled by Red Bull and junk food, challenging each other's code crafting skills to their limits in a true coding marathon.That might not sound that great, but it's actually quite fun. Really! And, after participating in many and winning several, I can say I have a formula 10 tips to win a hackathon 1) Plan to win. Be clear on your motive for attending the hackathon. Be hungry to win. Plan and prepare for the... 2) Form a good team. Planning is the easy part. Success depends on the implementation of plans. It takes a team effort... 3) Think through your ideas. All the. 21+ Chatbot Hackathon Ideas - Winning Projects Bot Development Organizing a hackathon is a way for software engineers, developers, and ethical hackers come together to collaborate and create innovative ideas with realistic solutions to every day problems If you choose to run your hackathon during normal business hours, it can be a nice idea to run an evening event after a hard day of hacking. An informal BBQ or happy hour is a great way for teams and facilitators to relax, exchange ideas and talk about the highlights of the day

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  1. Hackathon ideas Help those in need. People with disabilities should not be separated from the society simply because they're less... Sacrifice the robots, save human lives. Human life is invaluable, the cost of saving one is never too high. Dedicate... Data processing for hospitals. Patients' data.
  2. The Winning Hackathon Demo. You've picked a great idea and executed on it, it's time to learn how to pitch the project and create an effective demo. Make It Interactive. Have a few test cases lined up that you know you can handle and that makes your product look good. But also allow the option of making the input interactive
  3. Now, after telling you how to win at a hackathon, I'll say: 10. Winning is not the only point but it's awesome! The prizes at any hackathon are small, and the time commitment of the event is pretty large. If you're here to win $100, you could get more money spending the day mowing neighbor's lawns
  4. Here are the winning ideas from the first collegiate sports tech hackathon. by Taylor Soper on October 17, 2016 at 1:55 pm October 17, 2016 at 1:56 p
  5. Jan Leyssens, co-founder of social good agency Switchrs, says, A hackathon can give a spark or bring new ideas or concepts to life, but it doesn't magically translate these into real products or new businesses. Switchrs has facilitated hackathons in multiple sectors, including one at a fashion festival in 2018 in Antwerp called MOOI
  6. g [ ] might lead to more interaction between participants, organizers and mentors [ ] and foster ideation
  7. Sweden-India Mobility Hack 26-28 February 2021Sweden-India The Swedish Institute is hosting a 42-hour digital hackathon in February 2021: Sweden-India Mobility Hack - Changing the Way We Move The mission of the hackathon is to design, test and execute ideas for the future - with a particular focus on mobility. Students, entrepreneurs and other creatives are [

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After the hackathon: 1. Judging ideas. Make sure to communicate the judging criteria to the jury. Without this, the jury won't agree on the winners. A diverse, but also prominent jury can attract more participants if they know about them in advance. With an online hackathon, you have the choice to let jury members evaluate individually and as a team The winning idea Ultimately, the hackathon was all about developing the best ideas, and this is something we definitely managed. The concept that won the judges over was a simple mobile app, which allows employees affected by cancer to stay connected with their workplace, managers and colleagues

At the Nurse Hack 4 Health virtual hackathon, a project to make telehealth more accessible to rural Americans and a GPS that helps hospital nurses quickly locate available equipment were just two of the five winning ideas that emerged from the May meeting of minds Blockchain Hackathon Tips Winning Submission Guidelines livestream Make Sure You Submit. When it comes to hackathons in general, submitting is by far the most important part. Even if you can't address all the points in this article, or even if you haven't completed your project, you should still submit what you have Your First Hackathon: A Survival Guide. At some point in your life as a programmer, a friend or colleague will tell you about a hackathon. You may imagine green code racing down a black background as someone frantically types at an ancient computer until they relax and say I'm in, but that's not what will happen at your first hackathon Hackathons provide an opportunity for our team members to gain exposure to new ideas, creative thinking from young minds, and lead us to think about our toughest challenges in new ways. In the process, our team of engineers also gets to build critical mentoring skills as they help the students understand more about diabetes, and the technologies we use to build digital solutions for managing it Here are some of the instances where hackathons were won by a team: Team Creed won first place in the LTFS Data Science FinHack 2; Team Mark & SRK won the second position in Lord of the Machines: Data Science Hackathon . Data Science Hackathon Tip #4: Create a Generic Codebas

Showcase all ideas and celebrate the winners . After the hackathon is over, participants can log back into the system and follow the progress of selected ideas. The results page shows ideas that were chosen to move forward Simple code hackathon ideas. High Speed Training, an eLearning provider, The winning hack produced a tool that went into production as part of the company's next development sprint. The company also experimented with technologies and services that it wouldn't normally use day to day. Lubomski emphasized the importance of clear goals Microsoft Azure AI hackathon's winning projects. Posted on October 15, 2019. Amy Boyd Senior Cloud Advocate, AI/ML. We are excited to share the winners of the first Microsoft Azure AI Hackathon, hosted on Devpost. Developers of all backgrounds and skill levels were welcome to join and submit any form of AI project, whether using Azure AI to enhance. After the hackathon, the winning projects will get support to further realize their ideas. EY's multidisciplinary innovation team will offer you commercial assistance in e.g. go-to-market, pitching, etc. Media exposure. The winning teams get the opportunity to pitch their project in front of high-level sector experts and leaders

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A hackathon is an ultimate test of skills and stamina, with little time to solve problems and submit prototypes. In order to win hackathons, here is what you can do: Tip 1: Make a winning plan. Be clear about your reason for participating in the hackathon. To win, be hungry. Plan and train in advance for the hackathon I was at a local hackathon last week. In the opening ceremony, previously winning ideas were present e d in order to give us, the hackers, a general direction to work in. The next day the judges, who had only just arrived for our presentations, voted for the EXACT SAME idea that we had all been shown from that winning list

Many successful startups are first conceived at student hackathons. For future tech entrepreneurs, hackathons are a great way to build the first version of their big idea which can later be monetized.. When it comes to interesting hackathon ideas it's hard to overlook Easy Taxi, famously known as 'the world's most downloaded taxi app', which was built at Startup Weekend hackathon back. The fall NurseHack4Health provided a forum to inspire and encourage nurses to continue applying their insights and knowledge, serving as a follow-up to the first-ever NurseHack4Health: COVID-19 Virtual Hackathon last May during National Nurses Month, resulting in five winning ideas. The 2020 hackathons recognized that nurses use a variety of technologies every day but may not take full advantage of the capabilities

Winning teams. At 5pm on the final day of the hackathon, the jury announced the winners in Frankfurt. Let's take a look at the winning teams, each of which runs on the IBM Cloud: 6th place: Emergency Room e.cademy (Special Prize Winner) Until now, there was no learning program for students learning to be anesthetists Hackers teamed up on more than 5,850 projects this year, up from 4,760 projects last year. Winning projects have led to successes, including Seeing AI, the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Learning Tools, just a sampling of the projects initially driven by a team's spark of passion Come up with an idea that will save the business over £10m in year one. Come up with an idea that will generate over £20m revenue in year one. Jo Hickson, Head of Tesco Labs said: The Hackathon is a great way for us to pull in brilliant ideas from people across the business Billy Teo · 28 Dec 2016 · 4 min read. The Singapore government ran a chatbot hackathon. Here are the winning ideas. Government websites can be made more personal. There's a trove of.

Our developers have been participating at external Hackathons and winning them, like in 2016 when we won Industryhack. In 2018, we decided that besides organizing our internal Hackathons, we wanted to participate in organizing Hackathons externally and we partnered with Junction, Europe's leading Hackathon, for the first time Hackathon pitches ranged from wild ideas to grounded, practical solutions. The final pitches were presented Sunday, and the presentations were surprisingly practical

The groundbreaking ideas showcased by the teams were based on four themes: smart elevators, user security, utility tools, and open theme. The jury saw ideas for new technology, including prototypes and demos on how to enhance people flow, and at the end of the day, they had the difficult task of picking the best of the best Therefore if you could amend your article to either give credit to myself and Edward Harpham for winning the hackathon with our idea and leanne then stealing it. or remove any reference to leanne coming up with the idea and presenting and winning the hackathon, that would make the article more factual

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Some Iowa State University students recently pulled an all-nighter. Not to cram for a test, but to develop a new game, app, or website to help people improve their finances. The goal is to create a winning idea an idea that maybe get a kernel of a start here and we have some resources that [ A winning idea for remote learning. The winning team was LockItDown. Team members Justin Baldwin, Mack Borys and Francine Camia had previously worked together in an entrepreneurship course at U of Winnipeg. When Ms. Camia suggested they join the hackathon, the other two classmates were quickly on board, Mr. Borys said The winning idea was centered on investigating the diversity and inclusion-segmented booking experience. Barmaz says the goal of the hackathon is to turn some of the ideas into real-life products, which has been the outcome of hackathons Expedia Group has done in the past Pega Community Hackathon 2021 Crushing complexity: bringing business and IT together Back by popular demand, the Pega Community Hackathon is returning for 2021. This Hackathon is your chance to help simplify complex processes by bridging the gap between business and IT

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Assembling a rock star team is paramount, identifying a solid idea is key, and of course building a compelling, working app with a nice UI is important. However, where many teams fall short is in their overall presentation to the judges. To that end, we've compiled a list of our top tips for presenting a winning hackathon pitch They were all participating in EUvsVirus, a 62-hour contest to come up with new ideas for managing COVID-19, which has barrelled through Europe, shutting down businesses and ordinary life. Hackathons have emerged as prime places for networking, entrepreneurial pitching and, in many cases, winning funding during the crisis The #EUvsVirus Hackathon brought together people in 141 countries and many different areas of expertise from across the EU and the world, united in their desire to offer their time, talent, and ideas to help find solutions to the coronavirus crisis. This was just the beginning

The first Hack Access hackathon was held in Dublin in November 2016. As the hackathon entered its fourth year, Dublin Airport joined as the environment partner. The 2020 event focused specifically on developing solutions and sharing ideas on how to make the journey through Dublin Airport more innovative and accessible for everyone The hackathon-winning idea that apocalypse-proofs your phone's reception. By Nick Cowen 30 November 2014. No bars? No problem, thanks to PayPal's hackathon champions Well-run hackathons lead to concrete ideas for new products and processes that can improve the customer experience and increase growth. Just about any company can hold a productive hackathon by. Global Defence Hackathon is an online event designed to bring together experts from defence, innovations and technology fields, young professionals, programmers, engineers and other interested talents to develop innovative products for the security and defence industry Jerusalem students design medic checklist app during hackathon An app that serves as an online checklist for emergency medical equipment was one of the award-winning ideas developed at the college.

One winning team will be chosen for each of the four challenge areas, and the winners will be announced at the WSIS Forum 2021, 17-21 May. Why should you participate? Because your idea can make a difference in building more resilient, inclusive and sustainable societie To explore which hackathon idea will give you the best chance of winning, you ask Watson Analytics what is most likely to influence the some of the outcomes. You'll get a spiral diagram and a list of the top drivers and you can indicate that you want to see a decision tree Sylvania 'Hackathon' produces winning ideas. Photos and Story by Karen Kane. The Sylvania Campus held its first-ever Hackathon from Feb. 27 through March 1. Sponsored by Autodesk, Intel and PCC's MakerSpace, the Hackathon was the brainchild of student Eric Thomas, who joined together teams of like-minded makers to design and build innovative. The grand prize winning team of Microsoft Hackathon 2020 did just that with their customizable digital assistant project, built as an extension for Microsoft Edge. A person can train this digital assistant to do any number of tasks, and because the machine learning is highly personalized by the individual, accurate and relevant, each user's model can learn quickly without the need for huge. EACH OF THE 3 GLOBAL WINNING TEAMS GETS €5000! DigiEduHack is a multilevel series of hackathons, with 50 challenges open to participants. At the end of their hachkathon, each challenge owner will select a winning solution. All the winning solutions are assessed by the DigiEduhack steering group, who chooses 10 to 12 finalist solutions

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winning ideas: One winning team proposed four concrete suggestions for how Portland can reach 100% renewable energy by 2030 by utilizing CDP and other external data, such as population and GDP. Another winning team explored opportunities for Houston to reach 100% renewable energy by 2030 given the supply and demand for wind and solar energy from the large number of corporations headquartered in the Houston area A winning team needs to have an impactful team name that represents the core characteristic of their team nature. If you are looking for a cool team name then here are 150+ Hackathon team names that you can use while participating in the event. 150+ Cool Hackathon team names to choose from 100 Hackathon team names. App Alpha Clan; Boolean Pundit We held a #DigitalHackathon in #KP that brought inspiring ideas on preparedness & response to climate change-induced disasters & pandemic crises such as #COVID19. Read the account of winning ideas that can #MasterTheDisaster ️https://t.co/9WrmXoeEWz @DFID_UK #PartnersAtCore pic.twitter.com/DsKrLRoKs4 — UNDP Pakistan (@UNDP_Pakistan) June 2, 202 Hackathons are useful in opening your mind and seeing the bigger picture in terms of how your technology fits in society, as well as meeting people out of your field that have knowledge and expertise you don't, she told MIT News. The second winning idea, Security Blanket, was similarly inspired by an expert's recount of real life dilemmas

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The organization of a hackathon is standard, starting out with an introduction to the event, then an official kickoff where the attendees will pitch software ideas and create teams based on their skill sets and interests. We mentioned earlier that hackathons can last from 24 hours to an entire week. Without further ado, lets get started In summary, hackathons are about bringing ideas to life in a very short time frame. Judges understand that there is only a finite amount of time to build out a complete and fully functional app. Bugs wont loose you a hackathon, but if I can leave you with one piece of advice it is allocate more time to practice your pitch The team's original idea, which won the 2017 Hackathon, was an app to monitor live video streams on behalf of a user and notify him or her when specified events occur. Such a seemingly simple idea can be very powerful using artificial intelligence with many different applications As a sponsor, CMTI (China Mobile Technology USA) also get a lot of good ideas and partners. I have to say it was a wonderful day! - Su Gu, CMTI 5G ICSV. Some highlights on the winning teams are below. 1st Prize: Team Planet. Participating in Akraino 5G MEC Hackathon is an extraordinary experience for us

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Some great ideas come out of hackathons, and they can profoundly affect the area they're focused on, be it sustainability, women in tech, food, healthcare, or entertainment HACKATHON RESULTS | All the winning ideas from the Hack4SmartServices Online Hackathon: Unlocking Society - Returning to the New Normal focus on innovative forms of warm, human contact. Interested in.. APIs and platforms from technology partners will be made available during the Hackathon. Attendees will spend 24 hours coding, validating their ideas, networking and then demoing their hacks to a panel of VCs, executives and entrepreneurs. Attendees can participate individually or in teams and teams can be formed prior to the Hackathon The winning teams will pitch their ideas to an expert panel of entrepreneurs, impact investors and policymakers. The most promising concepts devised during the Coronavirus Hackathon will be developed further, be brought to life and will change the future

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A wearable air-capture device was the winning idea at a hackathon to develop new tools to monitor and control outdoor-biting mosquitoes held December 5 to 7 at UCSF's Institute for Global Health Sciences (IGHS) There are generally prizes for the winning teams, though the point isn't always just to win — any good idea has the potential to move forward with the right people backing it. The jury and prizes are just for an added level of fun and incentives. The Hackathon for Wildlife gave out cash prizes in several categories At MLH hackathons, participants get to take those risks and see those accomplishments in vibrant teams, using state-of-the-art technology from the MLH Hardware Lab to drive never-before-seen ideas. In 200 events around the world, MLH's 65,000 students are bonding, discovering new technology, and realizing their passions

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Pictures from the 2019 Hackathon. Winning Teams. Ideas for the hackathon: - Best enhancement to the Sitecore Admin (XP) UI for Content Editors & Marketers. - Best enhancement to Sitecore Commerce Business Tools UI. - Best extension of the editing experience for SXA in Experience Editor Another idea was an application that can check whether you are actually at home - not by means of GPS, but by asking you to take a photo of an object in your own home twice a day

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The Hackathon also resulted in very creative ideas coming forward that challenge Philips to see what's possible to achieve by connecting data sets. Opening up your data is part of the journey to becoming a more open company. It's a big opportunity to drive innovation internally, within the boundaries of privacy and patient data 5 tips for winning a FinTech hackathon Disclaimer: Before I start, I should caveat that our team (Koodoo), was one of the winners at the inaugural ClearScore hackathon. Huge kudos to teams Certua and Chetwood for their 1st and 2nd places respectively, great ideas both and well deserved Well, during a Hackathon, you spend a short period of time, usually between 24-48h (can go up to a week), building, creating and delivering a product. The idea is to collaboratively code in an extreme manner, to start from scratch and end with a working prototype The Sweden-India Mobility Hackathon organised by the Swedish Institute and supported by the Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai and the Swedish Embassy recognised the innovative, winning. And the event has come to showcase bold new ideas, many of which make it into the marketplace by influencing company products and sometimes even leading to entirely new services. Case in point: Hackathon judges are so excited about this year's winning project, chosen last week, that they won't even talk about it publicly yet We are calling out developers to attend the Winning over the classroom with Jitsi Hackathon online from 26 of April to 03 of May 2021.The event is being organised by Tipik, the event partner for the European Commission's Open Source Initiative under ISA2 Sharing and Reuse action.. The hackathon will bring together Jitsi (Core Team) members and Advanced users from across Europe and.

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