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Garden At Home With Sarah Raven, Wide Range of Products Available Onlin LOOKFANTASTIC Is A Global Beauty Authority, Trusted By Millions. With Luxury Brands And Unbeatable Offers, LOOKFANTASTIC Is The Home Of Online Beauty Doftdracenan har luftrenande egenskaper och har dessutom en god avdunstningsgrad vilket innebär att den hjälper till med att höja luftfuktigheten i sin omgivning. Ungefärlig höjd inkl kruka 100-110 cm. Leveransstorlek: Kruka 19-21 cm, 3 stammar. Vetenskapligt namn: Dracaena fragrans 'Lemon Lime'

The Dracaena Lemon Lime is a glorious perennial native to Africa with luring selling points that are quite worth your attention perhaps because it remarkably resembles its close cousin, the Janet Craig. With a glowing and striped variegated foliage, the Lemon Lime brings nothing but a poised impression to your indoor space Dracaena Lemon Lime - Care, Growing, Watering, Propagation. As a medium-sized plant, the Dracaena lemon lime has striking broad leaves striped with white and lime green on the edges and a darker shade of green in the middle of the leaves. The striped look this crates on the leaves is easy on the eyes and a good conversation starter The dracaena lemon lime plant, native to Africa, is a very close relative of the dracaena warneki (green and white striped leaves) and the dracaena janet craig (solid green leaves). The dracaena lemon lime has 12-24 long sword shaped leaves with bright green and yellow stripes. Like other dracaena plants, the leaves are arranged in a rosette and. Dracaena fragrans (Deremensis Group) 'Lemon Lime' (Dragon Plant) is an upright, evergreen shrub with a very thick stem topped by a rosette of long, sword-shaped leaves, 2 ft. long (60 cm). Narrow and arching, the leaves are striped with cream, greenish-yellow and lime stripes. Blooming periodically throughout the year, fragrant tiny white-yellow.

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  1. The Dracaena Lemon Lime plant needs medium to bright, indirect light to grow normally and remain healthy. These plants are fairly drought-tolerant, so you don't need to water them very often. You should wait until the plant's soul is fairly dry before watering it. You can grow these plants in hardiness zones of 10 through 12
  2. Dracaena 'Lemon and Lime' Dragon Tree 'Lemon and Lime' This product has no reviews yet. Write a Review. The name gives it away really! Broad leaves with bright green edges and a dark green mid band give this lovely plant a vibrant colourful look. As a bonus the canes are marbled with green and white
  3. The Dracaena Lemon Lime stands out among its genus for its namesake neon yellow and green striped leaves, but much like the rest of its family its care is relatively straightforward. Capable of reaching heights of 5-7 feet indoors, it can also be kept to a tabletop size with regular pruning
  4. Dracaena Lemon Lime is a kind of Dracaena Fragrans. Its main difference from the rest of the genus is bright leaves with yellow stripes. At home, you can grow Dracaena Lemon Lime 60-90 cm high. Rare specimens reach 2 m in height
  5. The Dracaena Lemon Lime has stiff shoots that grow straight up, each of them having a rosette of long (20-50 cm / 10-20 in) leaves at its top. The dark green middle of the leaves is separated by a thin white stripe from the lime coloured edge. The plant grows rather slowly, about 15 cm (6 in) a year

Lemon Lime Dracaena has brightly striped variegated foliage. Adds dramatic color to any room in your home. Please contact your local store for product availability. Find a garden center near you Lemon-lime dracaena is in the asparagus plant family (Asparagaceae), and it's also commonly referred to as a corn plant, although you won't harvest asparagus or corn from this plant. Its foliage..

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Lemon Lime Dracaena (Dracaena fragrans 'Lemon Lime') Dracaena 'Lemon Lime' has variegated leaves with lime green edges and darker green and thin white stripes in the center The stunning 'Lemon Lime' dracaena has brightly-colored yellow and green leaves with thin white stripes separating between them The Dracaena thrives well in the half shade and requires a maximum of 2 to 3 hours of sunlight per day. The Dracaena prefers a window to the north, 3 to 4 meters to a window on the estuary or west and 4 to 5 meters to a window on the south. The more colored Dracaena's like the Lemon Lime or the Song of India prefer a little more light Dracaena fragrans is a slow growing shrub, usually multistemmed at the base, mature specimens reaching 15 m (49 ft) or more tall with a narrow crown of usually slender erect branches. Stems may reach up to 30 cm (12 in) diameter on old plants; in forest habitats they may become horizontal with erect side branches Your Dracaena Lemon Lime will tolerate low light but will thrive in medium to bright spots. WATER Water your Dracaena when it appears the pot is getting dry, about once every 7-10 days

Dracaena - Lemon & Lime. A beautiful green and yellow version of the popular Dracaena. Dracaenas are very drought tolerant and can survive months without water in low light conditions, especially in winter. Origin: Africa. Botanical name: Dracaena fragrans 'Lemon Lime'. Family: Asparagaceae. Suitable: Indoor / Outdoor (Shade).. Max height: 2.1 m. Toxins removed: Benzene, Formaldehyde. Lemon Lime Dracaena. We're big fans of using a pop of color to perk up any design scheme, and this dracaena demonstrates why. Glowing yellow and green, its striped, angular foliage draws the eye like a living punctuation mark Dracaena deremensis 'Janet Craig': This plant has solid dark green leaves and also comes in a compact variety ('Janet Craig Compacta') whose leaves are only up to 8 inches long. Dracaena deremensis 'Lemon Lime': Leaves that are a mix of cream, yellow-green, and lime green stripes are indicative of this variety

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Compare prices & read customer reviews. Free UK delivery on eligible orders Dracaena Lemon Lime is a medium-sized dracaena plant, growing up to 4' to 6' feet tall. However, this easy-care houseplant is capable of growing above 20' feet tall. The plant is characterized by prominent corn-like green leaves, usually 2' feet long Se detta bildbankfoto på Dracena Lemonlime. Hitta högupplösta premium-bilder i Getty Images bibliotek The Lemon Lime Draceana is a gorgeous middle spiraling plant with broad leaves with lemony green edges. The striking yellow lime foliage leaves can grow up to 2 ft long. Dracaena Lemon Lime Care Watering Water every 5-7 days when top 2 of soil is dry. Keep soil moist but not soaking wet. Light Medium indirect sunlig In comparison with the well-known Dracaena cultivar 'Lemon Lime' (unpatented). 'Lemon Surprise' has shorter leaves, by 6 inches, with a more curly leaf-edge. 'Lemon Surprise' grows more compact than 'Lemon Lime'. 'Lemon Surprise' grows less compact than 'Surprise'. 'Surprise' has a wider white margin and the edge.

Lemon Lime Dracaena - House plant About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features © 2020 Google LL I have a Dracaena deremensis 'Lemon Lime' in my office. Several month ago it began to show leaf scorches. The gardener that sold it suggested it could be a symptom of sun burns. I then moved the plant to a spot where no direct sunlight is coming in. The plant also shows some yellowish spots (see pictures)

Om växten Neongula och gröna ränder gör denna Dracaena Lemon Lime till spektakulär bland andra växter inom Dracaena-familjen. Ljus Ljus position men undvik direkt solljus! Gillar skugga. Vatten Regelbunden vattning 1-2 gånger i veckan, justera efter värme och ljus. Låt Dracaena torka ut mellan vattningarna. Storlek L Dracaena Lemon Lime 10-7-13. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out

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Dracaena 'Lemon and Lime'. Dracaena Lemon and Lime, more commonly known as the Dragon tree, comes from the South East Africa. It is a slow growing evergreen plant. Plants are best kept in a slightly moist substrate in light shade. It provides a lovely tight leaf clump that small geckos, etc can hide among Brighten up any space with the lemon lime dragon tree. It's an indoor plant that thrives in medium light levels, with colorful and spiky leaves that bring drama to any space. With stripes of dark and vivid green, as well as bright yellow, it's easy to see where it gets its citrus-inspired name Our large-size Dracaena Lemon Lime is an electrifying addition to anyone's new or advanced plant collections. Native to the jungles of islands around the Indian Ocean, it likes medium, bright sunlight and humid temps. The indoor Lemon Lime houseplant will grow approximately 5 feet tall given the circumstances. Now we Dracaena Lemon Lime is a staple architectural houseplant for any space. With arching leaves in tones of lime green and white and distinctive stems; this Dracaena brings a lot to the table with little input from you as a grower. A low maintenance plant originating from Madagascar, the Lemon Lime variety is one of our favourites

Dracaena Lemon-lime 70cm height. Dracaena Lemon-lime has green leaves that have a yellow and light green stripe. Those long sword-shaped leaves with bright green and yellow stripes will always look full and profuse. It is often referred to as Dracaena fragrans, Corn plan This large and lively Lemon and Lime Dracaena demands attention. With its funky stripes and eye-catching leaves, it's a real statement piece. Now potted in The Little Botanical's new stunning Belly Basket, this plant is looking better than ever before! Note: The plant and belly basket will arrive in separate boxes Dracaena Lemon Lime is a vibrant, fresh Dracaena with bright green and yellow leaves. It is wide spreading, with delightfully long, arching, lance-shaped leaves arranged around a central stem. Leaves are predominantly a lemon-lime background colour, sometimes tending towards yellow, with a central stripe of darker green edged in white

Lemon Lime Dracaena Plants Dracaena fragrans 'Lemon Lime' Dracaena Lemon Lime houseplant green and lemon-lime colored, sword shaped leaves will brighten any room in your home or office. This easy-care, air-purifying house plant can thrive in partial shade or filtered light Also known as: Dracaena deremensis 'Lemon & Lime' All our plants come with a beautiful keepsake postcard with care instructions so you'll never kill your houseplant again! If someone is lucky enough to be receiving this plant as a gift, don't forget to enter your gift message at the basket and we'll add a free handwritten card with your order (also we won't include any paperwork with. The Lemon Lime Dracaena is not a very labor intensive plant and is easy to care for. It's the perfect plant for someone who may be away from home a lot or for someone who is looking for a home filled with plants but does not have too much time to provide care for them Silly stuff, but please cut the lemons and limes and place in small pretty bowls. my dracaena lemon lime has worms. Comments (3) I'd suggest checking a garden forum, or perhaps specifically that plant. Am guessing by worms, you're not meaning the garden variety Dracaena Lemon Lime Compacta Live Plant Indoor Houseplant in 6 in. Grower Pot 10 in. - 14 in. Tall: Peace Lily Live Indoor Spathiphyllum Plant Shipped in 6 in. Grower Pot 12 in. to 16 in. Tall: Monstera Plant Live Swiss Cheese Multi-stem Plant in 9.25 in. Grower Pot 22 in. - 28 in. Tal

Dec 17, 2014 - Dracaena lemon lime has long, sword shaped, leaves with bright green and yellow stripes. How to grow care guide for a Dracaena Lemon Lime at Houseplant411.com 4 Dracaena 'Lemon Lime' $9.99 Loading In stock. Quantity Please select a quantity Add to cart Whoa! You can't buy your own item. Other people want this. 6 people have this in their carts right now. Nice choice! Enjoy free shipping to the US when you spend $35+ at this shop. Highlights Handmade. Dracaena 'lemon lime', stor. Potte 27 cm, høyde 160 cm. Kan fint leveres med bud i Trondheim, men sendes desverre ikke med post. Pris: 1090,- Legg i handlekurv. Flere produkter fra Bakklandet Blomster. Bakklandet Blomster Anthurium ellipticum. Dracaena Lemon Lime is a wide leaved dracaena and would be a wonderful addition to any collection. Its two-toned foliage adds a vibrant feel to any room

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Dracaena fragrans (Deremensis Group) 'Lemon Lime' (Dragon

Dracaena Lemon Lime • Mature Height: 7′ • Mature Width: 3′ • Light Requirements: Bright indirect light • Water Requirements: Barely moist never let dry out, mist leaves regularly • Fertilizers: Dr Q's Plant Toni Striped Dracaena, Corn Plant Bloom Period: Seasonal Bloomer Light: Moderate Indirect (Medium) Water: Let Soil Dry Out Slightly (Moderate Moisture) Size: Height 2 - 10' Width 2 - 5' Zone: N/A Patent: None Known for its brightly striped variegated foliage and its ease of care. Thrives in organically rich, consistent Large Dracaena Lemon and Lime (100cm) FROM £55.99 This double stemmed dragon tree features elegant sword-like leaves with vibrant green and yellow stripes. The perfect gift for any plant lover. Height is approx. 100-110cm. 1x Large Dracaena Lemon and Lime.

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  1. Dracaena Lemon and Lime Dragon Tree We offer 45 options of House Plants from £14.00 Shop online now with Free delivery on all orders over £5
  2. Dracaena lemon lime in Ceramic Pot quantity. Add to cart. Wishlist. Categories: Indoor Plants, Plants. Share this: Reviews (0) Reviews. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Dracaena lemon lime in Ceramic Pot Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required.
  3. Your Dracaena Lemon Lime stock images are ready. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual.
  4. The Warneckii 'Lemon Lime' - Wowwhat a great splash of color! While the horticultural debate rages over the morphology of this plant (is it a Dracaena or a Warneckiiis a Warneckii a Dracaena?), it doesn't much matter to us here at PLANTZ. All we know is this is a tried-and-true performer in interior spaces requiring very little attention

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  2. Dracaena Lemon lime has green leaves that have a yellow and light green stripe. Those dark-green leaves are 2 ft (60 cm) long and up to 4 inches (10 cm) wide. The matures Massangeana plant will always look full and profuse
  3. The Dracaena Lemon and Lime is a bright vibrant happy looking plant with lime green and yellow stripes in the leaves. A lovely plant to brighten any home or office. Pick your sunniest spot for this one
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The 'Lemon Lime' Dracaena plant, also known as warneckii draceana and dracaena deremensis, is a low-light houseplant the boasts beautiful yellow and green striped leaves. Though showy, this lucky bamboo relative requires very little care to maintain its attractive appearance Dracaena Lemon and Lime. Dracaena fragrans 'Lemon and Lime' - Striped Dracaena. FROM: $49.99 $39.99 SET YOUR STORE. Please set your store before adding product to cart.? Available in Stores. Pot size guide -Qty + Add to Cart. Item code: 136877P. The long sword shaped leaves with bright green and yellow stripes that are arranged in a.

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  1. We are so excited to begin offering our Dracaena Lemon Lime. This plant is well-known for its foliage's yellow and green spiraling shape. This plant's striking variegation runs along each leaf in neat lines which almost makes it resemble a spinning pinwheel. This is a very easy plant to grow. I
  2. The Dracaena Lemon Lime Plant is one of the most popular and beneficial plants for interior use. According to a NASA study it was one of the top air purifying plants. It can grow to 4 to 6 feet indoors and is often seen as a focal point in homes, offices, and hotels throughout the world
  3. The Lemon Lime Madagascar Dragon Tree is a wonderful hybrid form of D. deremensis. It has linear leaves that will reach 2 feet (60 cm) long by 2 inches (5 cm) wide. Its attractive foliage is variegated, with a lime green central stripe bordered by a very small white stripe with lemon yellow edges
  4. Lemon Surprise Dracaena. Dracaena deremensis 'Lemon Surprise' Lemon Surprise has dark green, chartreuse, and white leaves, but unlike Lemon Lime, the leaves have a slight twist or curl, giving this houseplant a little extra interest. Exotic Angel® Plant
  5. More information about Dragon tree Dracaena 'Lemon Lime' XL 3 stems at Bakker.com. 100% Flowering Guarantee Fresh products Special Protective Packaging Order online now
  6. Lemon Lime Dracaena Plant. Everything You Need To Know To Care For Your Greendigs Lemon Lime Dracaena Plant. Share. Low-maintenance and high style, hearty dracaenas are a must for every indoor plant lover, especially if you're just getting started
  7. Search results for: 'DRACAENA LEMON LIME SURPRISE' Search results for: 'DRACAENA LEMON LIME SURPRISE' Sort By. Set Ascending Direction. 17 items . Page. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page Next; NEW ARRIVAL. Emerald. Dracaena Lemon Twist Surprise, 6 Pot . $28.00. Rating: 0%. Next Day.

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Light: Dracaena Lemon Lime needs plenty of bright, indirect light to retain its vibrant colouring. Avoid direct sunlight. Water: Water when the soil starts to dry out at the top, water well and allow to drain thoroughly. Dracaena are relatively drought tolerant. Do not over water as this will cause the leaf tips to blacken. Temperature: Average household temperatures between 16-24°C but can. i bought my dracaena fragrans lemon lime warneckii at lowe's as a clearance plant. (i tend to buy clearance plants a lot because i feel bad for them and want to nurse them back to health..lol) for the first few months i kept it in the house, and it just seemed to be going further downhill, so i moved it outside to the partial shade. it's taken almost a year, but it's finally coming back, and. Lemon Lime Dracaena Dracaena deremensis 'warneckii' Spyro comes from a big family of dragon trees. His two-toned leaves spiral outwards, giving you a beautiful display of foliage from wherever he sits. Hailing from Africa, Spyro loves warmth and moderate humidity. He's easy to care for and even easier to love. Low to bright indirect light

Dracaena Lemon Lime quantity Add to cart SKU: GS-107 Categories: 6 Inch Green Plants , Garden Shop , Plush Add-on , Treats Add-on Tags: Anniversary/Love , Baby , Birthday , Everyday , Get Well , Sympath Dracaena Lemon Lime (DRLL24VT) 114296 - Dracaena fragrans (Deremensis Grp) Lemon Lime. Eigenschappen. Potmaat: 24 cm: Minimum planthoogte inclusief pot: 100 cm: Min aantal stekken/planten per pot: 1: Min aantal koppen hoogste stam: 2: Dikte: 1: Transporthoogte: 110 cm: Plantvorm: vertakt: Land van herkomst (bedrijf Dracaena Lemon-Lime Regular price $13.50 Save $-13.50 / Container Plant Only. Palau Egg S. Euro Matte Black. Euro Matte White. Euro Glossy White Only 10 items in stock. Bestel Dracaena lemon lime hier! Nieuwkoop Europe: |Alles voor interieur- en terrasbeplanting |Breed aanbod hydrocultuur en Potplanten |Breed assortiment Plantenbakken en accessoires

Lemon Lime Dracaena (Dracaena deremensis 'Lemon Lime') inBuy dragon tree Dracaena fragrans (Deremensis Group) Lemonplant care - brown spots on dracaena - GardeningDracaena fragrans (Deremensis Group) 'Lemon Lime' (Housediagnosis - What caused the leaf scorch on my Dracaena
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